This page primarily contains a selected list of peer-reviewed journal publications organized in chronological order. Check soon for a list of publications organized by research topic. For a complete list of publications see my Curriculum vitae.

  • The Geometry of Point-Line Arrangements Containing Shapes: Mathematical Properties and Applications

    Alexandros Haridis
    Computer-Aided Design, 2022, Forthcoming.

  • computers&graphics-thumb

    SHREC’21: Quantifying shape complexity

    Mazlum F. Arslan, Alexandros Haridis, Paul L. Rosin, Sibel Tari, et al. 
    Computers & Graphics Vol 102, February 2022.



  • continuity-thumb-pub

    Analysis of shape grammars: continuity of rules

    Alexandros Haridis and George Stiny
    Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics & City Science Vol 47, Issue 7, 2022

  • 6034-notes-thumb

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence at MIT: 6.034 Teaching Notes

    Written and illustrated by Alexandros Haridis
    For "6.034 Artificial Intelligence", taught by Kimberle Koile, Randall Davis, Robert C. Berwick, and Patrick W. Winston
    Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021

  • openproblems-arxiv-thumb

    Some open problems regarding the number of lines and slopes in arrangements containing shapes*

    Alexandros Haridis, arXiv:2011.10700 [Math.GM], Research Report, 2020

    *This and the previous report (arXiv:2010.14250) are now subsumed into my PhD Dissertation.

  • arxiv-geom-arrangs-thumb

    The geometry of arrangements that contain shapes

    Alexandros Haridis, arXiv:2010.14250 [math.GM], Research Report, 2020

  • epb-vol47-2020

    The topology of shapes made with points

    Alexandros Haridis, Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science Vol 47, Issue 7, 2020

  • jma-vol14-thumb

    Structure from appearance: topology with shapes, without points*

    Alexandros Haridis, Journal of Mathematics and the Arts Vol 14, Issue 3, 2020

    *The main results of this paper are incorporated in Haridis and Stiny (2022) and in my PhD dissertation.